OvaCis® is a globally patented Point-Of-Care device that discriminates benign from malignant epithelial Ovarian Cancer in 15 minutes.

As many as 1 in 10 women is likely to have an ovarian cyst in their lifetime

An ovarian cyst happens when fluid accumulates within a thin membrane inside the ovary. Ovarian cysts are frequently found incidentally in asymptomatic women and may sometimes be found in the course of evaluating women for pelvic pain.

5%-10% women with ovarian cysts will have surgery, of which 13%-21% of women that undergo intra-operative evaluation are found to have cancer. During the intra-operative evaluation, a procedure called Frozen Section is performed by slicing and preparing a section of freeze-dried ovarian tissue for microscopic examination. However, this procedure is not universally available, takes up to 60 minutes, with low accuracy.

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INEX's Solution

OvaCis®, an intra-operative point of care’s medical device to determine if the ovarian cyst is benign or malignant within 15 minutes.

Step 1

Obtain cyst fluid

OvaCis® Rapid Test is for the intraoperative detection of epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) based on the presence of haptoglobin in human ovarian cyst fluid (OCF).

Step 2

Use OvaCis® kit

This rapid immunochromatographic assay provides an initial screening result to discriminate benign from malignant ovarian cysts.

Step 3

Evaluate results

The results are available in 15 minutes.


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