Hegenberger Retractor

The Hegenberger Retractor is a unique, innovative, and award-winning device transforming postpartum suturing

85% of vaginal births sustain trauma and 70% require suturing. Asian women present a high risk for perineal tears.

More than 2 million occupational needle-stick injuries annually occur with the highest prevalence n the South East Asia region at 58.2%

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Designed by Danish inventor and clinical midwife Malene Hegenberger, the retractor is a new, highly innovative device that helps make the suturing procedure more efficient by providing clinicians with a clear, unobstructed view of the birth canal and transforming the diagnosis and treatment of postpartum genital trauma

Unobstructed view of the perineum

Improves visibility and reduces procedure time, ensures safer work environments

Minimizes costs by reducing manpower

Mitigate the financial burden faced by maternal departments by helping to minimize staff and resource costs

Fully designed, Tested and Market ready

Class I FDA, CE marked, HSA registered, Unique and Patented protected


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